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Kip Perow on the Western Airguns Bushbuck 45 - Atlas Airguns Podcast
Kip Perow on the Western Airguns Bushbuck 45 - Atlas Airguns Podcast
An episode dedicated to the Bushbuck 45 by Western Airguns with none other than Kip Perow of  @airgunsofarizona  and  @AirgunOnlyAdventures    If you are interested in big bore airguns, you should consider this one. With three different stock configurations now available (Laminate, Nutmeg, and the Bushpig chassis), two different lengths (the standard and carbine), and various ammo available (.452 slugs and the bolts for the carbine model), this big bore airgun offers something for everyone.   Click on the following links for each model:   Laminate standard:  Laminate carbine:  Carbine Bushpig Black:  Carbine Bushpig FDE  Carbine Bushpig ODG  Carbine Bushpig Tungsten:  Bushpig chassis Black:  Bushpig chassis FDE:  Bushpig chassis ODG:  Bushpig chassis Tungsten:  You can find Kip Perow and his hunting videos here:  For information about Airguns of Arizona go here:    Make sure to subscribe to both this YouTube channel and the Atlas Airguns Podcast!  Official Atlas Airguns Podcast link:  Atlas Airguns Instagram: Atlas Airguns Twitter:   Have a question? Email  --- Support this podcast: