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Broke gym owner Chris Cooper turned a struggling business into an asset—then built a multi-million-dollar mentoring company with hundreds of clients all over the world. Chris has dedicated his life to helping other entrepreneurs find wealth, and he uses Two-Brain Radio to present the best of the business world and the fitness industry. Thursdays' shows are dedicated to business, best practices, self-improvement, profitability and actionable advice. Mondays are all about marketing and success stories from Two-Brain clients. Chris' goal is to create 1 million wealthy entrepreneurs. Subscribe to Two-Brain Radio and you could be one of them.
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In the fitness industry, voices will always say, “This worked for me, and it will definitely work for everyone!” Those are the “n = 1 experts.” And maybe their ideas will work for you. But their advice carries risk:What if they’re over-reporting results?What if they’re under-reporting downside?What if their idea only worked once?What if their idea only worked in their gym?What if their idea only worked with their clients?What if their idea will stop working over time?What if they’re incentivized to sell you on the idea?Worse are the n = 0 “biz coaches” who will sell you an idea they haven’t tested themselves. But data? Data eliminates risk and silences those without proof. Data also makes great things possible: Two-Brain created six first-time millionaires in 2021. Real millionaires. Not the shell-game success stories who say “I made $100,000 at my gym last month and expect it to continue forever!” Instead, we helped real gym owners grow their net worths to over $1 million.Our 2021 report contains information from 14,162 gyms. It is the largest and most comprehensive data set ever collected in our industry. It’s the info gym owners need right now.Links:Download the free State of the Fitness Industry 2021 reportArboxPushPressWodifyIncite TaxZen PlannerGym Lead MachineGym Owners UnitedTimeline:1:04 – Why the data matters.4:38 – Where our data comes from.6:22 – Length of time in business.7:13 – How many clients the average microgym has and their avatars.9:23 – Who grew in 2021.13:43 – How much gyms are charging.15:38 – Where the revenue comes from.16:14 – How long members are staying.17:24 – What gyms are selling.23:50 – CrossFit Games Open participation rates.25:16 – Staffing and staff compensation.27:46 – How much gym owners are paying themselves.30:17 – What differentiates high earners from low earners.31:07 – Gym owner hours worked.33:51 – Profitability and square footage.34:45 – Profitability by sector.35:49 – Business debt.36:11 – Profit and post-COVID bounceback.37:15 – Why we made this guide — and are giving it away for free.
39 mins
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