The Place That Thaws


Discover the untold stories of resilience and adaptation in the High Arctic with APTN News' new six-part podcast series The Place that Thaws from reporter Danielle Paradis. Join us as we journey to Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord, Canada's northernmost communities, where the impacts of climate change are starkly evident. There, a simple plan to take to the ice on a hunting trip is no longer guaranteed - and polar bears, once great hunters on the ice floes in the north, now hang around on shore. Through intimate interviews and immersive storytelling, we bring you the voices of those on the front lines of environmental upheaval. The Place That Thaws goes beyond the headlines, offering a nuanced exploration of how communities are confronting the challenges of a warming world. Subscribe now on your favourite podcast platform and embark on an expedition through the frozen landscapes and resilient spirits of the High Arctic. read less