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Episode 71: AI Tools for Mental Health Care
Episode 71: AI Tools for Mental Health Care
The artificial intelligence landscape is dynamic, with the potential to support health system activities in various ways — and that includes mental health care. We join Dr. Lydia Sequeira (Research Fellow, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Canada Health Infoway) and Maureen Abbott (Manager, Access to Quality Mental Health Services, Mental Health Commission of Canada) to explore different use cases for AI in mental health care, benefits and challenges, and practical resources.  Please note that this episode includes brief references to suicide and suicidal ideation, within the context of the broader mental health care landscape.  Music: "Inspired," by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons. Digital Health InfoCast is produced by Canada Health Infoway and copyright under a Creative Commons license.  Further Learning: The digital and artificial intelligence (AI) mental health certificate (CAMH)  Toolkit for Implementers of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care (Infoway) MHCC e-Mental Health (MHCC) e-Mental Health Implementation E-Modules (MHCC, with CAMH) The Uses and Trends of Artificial Intelligence Reports (MHCC in collaboration with CADTH) Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Services: An Environmental ScanArtificial Intelligence in Mental Health Services: A Literature ReviewArtificial Intelligence in Mental Health Services: Results From a Literature Review and an Environmental Scan Delivery of Compassionate Mental Health Care in a Digital Technology–Driven Age: Scoping Review (JMIR article)