Couples in Music

Ongoing History of New Music

18-01-2023 • 27 mins

Have you ever had to work together with your significant other?...and I don’t mean anything like housework or parenting or anything like that...I’m talking about a job—your primary source of income—where the two of you have to work on the same things under the same circumstances in the same place?... This can go one of two ways...first, the bond between you grows stronger because you have shared interests, goals, and frustrations...your combined knowledge and talents can make things proceed more efficiently and perhaps in directions two uninvolved people might never think to take... Or things can go work-life balance...disagreements on how the work should be done...this can led to lots of unhappiness, fights, and maybe a it worth it?... When it comes to the history of rock, there are a lot of couples working in the same bands...sometimes things work out great....other times, these arrangements annoy others in the group...if the couple breaks up, does the band break up, too—or does everyone suck it up and keep going?... And then there’s the worst case scenario when one member of the couple de-couples with one member of the band and then couples up with someone else within the group...what happens then?... Time for a little couples therapy...let’s see if we can sort through everything from wedded bliss to horrible divorces and break-ups... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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