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✨ A vision you will love ✨ Cover: Billie Eilish.


1BLUE2Too Much Of A Good Thing3Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?4Where's My Love5Can I Make You Jealous6Good Luck, Babe!7Turn it up8Espresso9Three Floors, Three Doors10this is what slow dancing feels like11Too Sweet12I Love To Dance13SUMMER WAS MY GIRLFRIEND14Cozy15LUNCH16Risk17Potential (Lolo Zouaï Remix)18Closer19Sexy to Someone20Run Into Me21A2B22Letter To My 13 Year Old Self23Call Me Up24Florida!!! [feat. Florence + The Machine]25Retrograde26Hero27Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)28clouds29Light On30The Things I Do For Love31Hell N Back32BODYGUARD33Hammer to the Heart34Little Bit35carSick36Keep It Up37köln38Go Outside39Dispose of Me40Collide41It's not fair42Toro43End of Beginning44Morning Sun45Vegas46Crybaby47Supercut48Saturn49Tejano Blue50Marking My Time (BADBADNOTGOOD Edit)51I Bet on Losing Dogs52Do Better53Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)54if u think i'm pretty (slowed)55Astray56Confusion Song57close to you58Skin and Bones59Fortnight [feat. Post Malone]60Fall Into Me61Supalonely [feat. Gus Dapperton]62First Aid Kit (feat. anaïs)63Push N Shuv64Shotput65let u in66Is This What Love Is?67Ways To Go (feat. Khalid)68I miss you, I’m sorry69Figure You Out70Silver Soul71poisonous waters72Home73I'm Back74eternal sunshine75Past Lives76Domestic Bliss77Loving You Will Be The Death Of Me78someday i'll get it79you're my moon80Sofia81Good Looking (Stripped)82Cold83History Of Man84Lemon Boy85Some Type Of Skin86My Lady of Mercy87What A Devastating Turn of Events88is it my face?89Goddess90Ghost in the Machine91Intrusive Thoughts92Lightenup93Black Friday94GOLDEN DAYS95Sunset96Hot in NY97Love U Like That98Sleeper99Automatic100Drunk, Running