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Curated by Prime Video

High School: Official Playlist

Curated by Prime Video

Music featured in Season 1 of the Freevee Original Series, High School. Streaming Now!


1Tegan Didn't Go to School Today2Plunk3I'm Alive4Condamination5They’re Waiting for You6She Walks On Me7The Scratch8Volcano Girls9No Surrender10Souvlaki Space Station11G. Cobalt Franklin12Plume (Remastered)13Sliver14Shaker15Kiss Off16You Sweet Little Heartbreaker17Shine a Light18My Name Is Jonas19Los Angeles20What I'm Here For21Run22The Waitress (2015 Remaster)23Kid Is Gone (Chant Of Vengeance)24Try (2012 Remaster)25Geek Stink Breath26Hold Me Now27Truth Untold28I Wanna Be Adored (Remastered)29It's a Pity30Disarm (2011 Remaster)31So Hard Done By32Invisible Man33Venus Meets Pluto34Sunbathing35No No No36I Bleed37Your Ghost38Lovesleep39You Tear the World in Two (Remastered)40Energy Flash41Controlling Transmission42Waters (Phase III)43East (Rabbit In The Moon Opium Den Remix)44Talking In Your Sleep45Any Place I've Lived46Pat's Trick47Pennyroyal Tea4824 Preludes, Op. 28: No. 1 in C Major49She-La50Seether51Badlands52On The Verge53Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm54Underwhelmed55Bizarre Love Triangle (2014 Remaster)566'1" (2018 Remaster)57Tipp City58Forever Angels Proud59Scentless Apprentice60A Whiter Shade of Pale (2007 Remaster)61Double Dare62Heaven or Las Vegas63Step into the Breeze64She65Downer66Inside You67Scarlet (Long Version)68Last Day of Our Acquaintance