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Made in the West

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Only the best from the West. Cover: Kamaiyah


1Lamborghini Dreams (feat. 03 Greedo)2BUTTERFLY COUPE3The Good Kind4Say it ain't So5Phil Drummond6Soak City7Doin Yo Stuff8Only Problem (feat. 03 Greedo)9Blowfly10Dem Freaky Girls11Ocean Cuisine12Still That Way [feat. Bongo ByTheWay]13FREE JUJU14High-End15KING OF OAKLAND (Remix)16WHAT'S HATNIN17Whats Ours (Feat. Dave East)18On My Mama19Violation20Bops Goin Brazy21Lil Mo22Without You (Blxst Interlude)23Walk24Popular Loner25Old Age26Family First! [feat. Kalan.FrFr & SiR & Zacari]2710 Percent28Count Time29Shady McCoy30Like Me31Hobby32Where's Remble?33Too Fast (Pull Over) [feat. Latto]34Nothing Is Freestyle35Front Row 4036Brand New37Misunderstood38Like It's 9939PLATINUM40Hard 2 Forget41Gee Whiz42Dandelion Root43Off Tha Dribble44Goin Off45Rich On Grape Street46Buckle Up47Summer Vacation48Still In Slobe Mode49Stay Beside Me50Choose Up (feat. 03 Greedo)51Free My Mind52Wife53Google Maps54Backslide55My Skeleethe (Remix) [feat. Vinny West, BlakeIANA]56GEEKALEEK (feat. Cash Kidd)57The Tide58Family Ties (Live from Paris)59Free My Dawgs60Gangsters Anonymous61PlayDis!62Stand On It63Chops on the Blade64Hook Mitchell65Stop Playin'66Work Hard Play Hard67RECKLESS & RATCHET68Been Down (feat. Poke)69Eyes On Me70Mind Body Soul71Smoke With Me72Just Bcuz73Not No Mo74Kill Switch [feat. J Rocc]75Dancing In The Dark (feat. Capolow)76Games (feat. 03 Greedo & Bino Rideaux)77MCJ78Chili79Vin Skully80Collective81Too Big82Say Luv83HEROES (feat. DJ Premier)84Every Night85Tell Your Friends86The Hillbillies87Diamond Mind88LA (feat. Kalan.FrFr)89BIRTHDAY90Eastside91DEAD FACES92Supposed To93Die Hard94Summers Around The Corner95I Made It96Point Me 2 Tha Bitches97At It Again (Remix)98FUCK 12 FREESTYLE99Slipping Into Darkness100Out The Gutter (feat. Cash Kidd)101Player102Comme Des Garcons10360 Days104DOGTOOTH105Apologies106High Standards107Call the Valleys (feat. Mally Bo)108family ties1096110YKWSF111You Betta (Jesus Take The Wheel)112Better Days 2 (Pain In The Ghetto)113Maniac114PARTy T1M3115Making The Band (Danity Kane)116GEEKALEEK (feat. BIA)117Chrome Hearted (feat. Tyga)118Activated119Positive120Ima Savage1211234122Stunna Anthem123Hot Friend124child of GOD125Scared Money [feat. J. Cole & Moneybagg Yo]126No (Know) [feat. Bino Rideaux]127America128Dawg House129No Free Features1301942 (feat. Philthy Rich)131Touch Away (feat. October London)132Violence133FOMF134Sign Language [feat. ICECOLDBISHOP]135$WISH [feat. G-Eazy & Chance The Rapper]