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Electronic Feels

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Emotional, melodic, innovative. Cover: RÜFÜS DU SOL


1Music is Better2Hiding3All I Need4Didn't Sign Up For This5Ticking Time Bomb6Burst7set me free8TRIPPIN9Best Life10Dominoes11Still Wonder12Set Me Free13Silence of Stars14My Reflection15Running Away16Saved Me17G2G18Shakti19Glad I Found You20Dark In This Room21Ready For Us22Phantom23Sunshine24Cruel Heart25Alone26I Can't Do This27Just Another Piano Track28Fortified29Felt (feat. Henry Green)30Been A Minute...31Kerosene Dreams32Heartburn33iwaly34Mine35left u36Time (Edit)37Easy Lover38I’m In Trouble39Gather Together40Believe41Smiling Through The Pain42Broken Car43Stolen Glances (feat. Låpsley)44Open Up45every-little-part46I'll Be Fine47Back48Don't Speak49Nothing Ever Changes50World Collapsing51It's You52Feel Okay53A Little Change54Left Behind55Joy56Overgrown57Treat Each Other Right58you're all i feel59Ocean60Heartbreak61Sunshine (Black Circle Remix)62Drown63MAYBE // YES64Keep U Warm (ft. Jordan Shaw)65Make U Happy66The Further We Go67Lonely Roads68This Is It69Time70Dive71how it used to be72Settle For Less73Shallow Water74ineedu75Don't Hide It76COLOGNE77Why78Breathe (Edit)79Ocean80Love Like Yours81Bring the Lights Down82Blank Page83Lucid84turn u into stone85Knock Yourself Out XD86Two Souls Intertwine87Resenären88NEVER LOOK DOWN89Close To You90Never91Let You Go92searching93Talking Too Much94Falling95Tell You96Someone Else97Silhouette (Amtrac Remix)98Not Giving You Up99Where The Mountains Grow