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Cosmic Strings

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Instrumental explorations from today's sonic adventurers. Cover: Khruangbin


1Until We Meet Again2Caja de la Sala3Flight4The Hunter5All Gist Could Be Yours6Avril 14th7Foxglove8Cleopatra9Truckers to Pulaski10Return11Low Sun12Buffalo Stance13Mirror 114The Wind15Neptune16Sonido Cósmico17Até de Manhã18Willow19Nicest Distinction20Nest of Earrings21Sweet Coast22See Ya Later23Me Neither24Blood Milk Moon25Dream Residue26Lunar Fire27Abertura28Cold Sea29First Rodeo30Mirror 531Caddo Lake32Blink33Floating in Shadows34The Kirghiz Light35Cosmos36Little Devil37Music for Applying Shimmering Eye Shadow38Before Barbed Wire (Amazon Original)39Reflections40Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence41El Bueno Y El Malo (Mexico City Version / Amazon Music Original / Edit)42Morning Song with Lucia (Alternate Version)43White Sands44Stolen Moments45Leaves Lying On Each Side46Slow Air47(Electricity)48Under the Pink Light49And Then He Wrapped His Wings Around Me50Pax Tennesseanna51Part The Thin Painter From His Work52Little Chili53Evening Ride54Raspberry Cloud55whateverness56Hot Fruit57Floating Down58Ambergris59Dallas60Daybreak61Signal of Hope62Daylight63Correlation64No Services65Imagine There66Elsewhere67So Well (Instrumental)68Looking at the Fish (Amazon Original)69Light Blooms70Only a Stranger Once (Edit) [Amazon Original]71The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored72September Flower (Amazon Original)73Slow Thrasher74Mohave Runs The Colorado (Amazon Original)75Withywindle