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Curated by Amazon's music experts and updated weekly.

Faster than the speed of pop. Cover: Lujavo


1Besos En El Club2Nothing Lasts Forever (with Grimes)3where’s my head at _4roll it down5man down6f0rbiidden l0ve$tory7ACHOO!8Like A G69I am a Machine10THIRST FOR ME!11Seethe12Yxguden13thicc14sleep it off15Cherry Pomegranate16FCKNSTR17Dang18NO SOY BLADEE19DarkMagicSillySexy (origin story)20suave214-4-222Wayside23Lost Everything24PRETTY GIRL25dead on26hey new bestie!! xP27DANCE! Till We Die28crying at the Orgy29TE MISSEO30Can't Stop31BITE BACK32Make Me Feel Like33Hold On Tight (Ooh La La)34Biri-Biri35Idolize36SHYPOP37Tincture38SAFETY FIRST39Array40人為機器 (Humans Become Machines)41All The Things She Said42Lights Out43Tamagotchi Fantasy44Suddenly45Affirmations46Neopet47leaving shibuya for once [>﹏< ]48scorn49RUEDA, RUEDA (DJ UWU Remix)50PCM (Edit)51attraction52Haunted53Mantis54gimme gimme55Speed Drive56This Woman's Work57Happy Alone58Lights 202359I Still C U60Oopsie61Beautiful (2023 Edit)62Landscape63GMFU (Sped Up) [feat. Odetari & 6arelyhuman]64WET DREAMS (w/ Nimstarr)65Take Your Time66Phantom SP67Coochie (a bedtime story) (VIP mix)68Drugs69Locals (Girls like us)70Famous71Sword72ur so cute73American Terrorist74Villains75Shoplifting From Nike76breathe ~_~77there she goes78Flicker79COOL_DNB_SONG80FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLIC81Thinkin Of U82BLUE WHEELS83monsterrr 。. o(≧▽≦)o .。84DOUBLE TROUBLE (Sped Up) [feat. Odetari]85Undo U86Do u remember me (feat. Tohji & gummyboy)87Drift88Papi De Azucar89Bizarre feat. 6arelyhuman90stay unsaved (Kamixlo Remix)91Playboy / Positions92King Of My Castle (feat. Kali Mija)93youjustremindmeofmyself94Kodek95soot (Katie Dey Remix)96Crossing Fingers97notice98Kiero K Me Kieras99LUCK1100NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER101Harajuku Girls102wait here103Cry Cry Cry104CANDY CANDY (Moe Shop Remix)105MYSTERY SCHOOL106Dancing On My Grave (feat. KennyHoopla)107YOU'RE A NOBODY108L3TS G0! (Sped Up)109am i right?110Bicha111757112K1EN113✨ mum is calling ✨114RELOAD! (feat. WHOKILLEDXIX)115bitter ends (◡﹏◡✿)116Embrace Chaos117X33 (Angel☆Type!)118BUSTAS119yummy dummy *°:⋆ₓₒ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)