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Christian Alt

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Incendiary tracks from the ever-evolving world of alternative.


1Dreams2Whatever It Takes3Priests of the Modern Age4burning roses5Love In the Time of Madness6Shadow of Your Wings7Stand Up Eight8Worry Less9Waiting for the Sunlight10Still Believe In The Magic11Magnolia12far away13Twenty-Four (Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots Version)14Just Like That15Colour16Possibility17I Don't Wanna Live Like This (Live At THE END)18Beatitudes (Family Version)19Soul Easy20Heart Medicine21Upside22Forgive Me23Here in the Wild24COME THRU25New Day in the Dark26Numb27Kinda Wild28mess it up29Glory30Fall of Jericho31Nails32Patience33Feels Like A Blessing34May The Lamb35God & Prozac36Conversation37Get A Life38Eden (Isn't It Just Like You?)39Would Ya Could Ya40Hope to Carry On41Cry Me A River42Clueless43Unbreakable44Running Home45All In46Looking for Some Light47Maybe This Is the End48Only Ever Always491:1150HUMAN51Me + You = Pi52Only One53imagination54Walk Away55Wild56TESTIFY57Living Water (feat. Josh Wilson)58AMERICAN DREAM59God and Me60CLOSER & FARTHER61NATIVE TONGUE62Start Again (feat. Fatai & Noah Rubin) [Living Room Session]63I'll Carry You64Meant For Good65Wendy Darling66Nearer My God67Jericho68I Will Praise You69How to Save a Life