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The Simpsons

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A collection of the music that backs The Simpsons.


1"The Simpsons" Main Title Theme2Do The Bartman3Glove Slap [feat. The B-52's]4"The Simpsons" End Credits Theme5The Simpsons Theme6Testify7The Very Reason That I Live8He's the Man [feat. Shawn Colvin]9Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl10Ode to Branson11Sold Separately12Island of Sirens13They'll Never Stop The Simpsons14You're a Bunch of Stuff15What Do I Think of the Pie?16Baby Stink Breath17Tastes Like Liberty18Jellyfish19Homer & Marge [feat. "Weird Al" Yankovic]20Everybody Hates Ned Flanders (Medley)21I Love to Walk22Marjorie [feat. Jackson Browne]23"The President Wore Pearls" Medley24O Pruny Night25America (I Love This Country)26America Rules27Welcome to Moe's28We Are the Jockeys29Song of Shelbyville30"A Star Is Torn" Medley31Who Wants a Haircut? [feat. Baha Men]32"My Fair Laddy" Medley33Springfield Blows34"King Of Cats" Itchy & Scratchy Medley35Lady36You Make Me Laugh37Lady Riff [feat. Ricky Gervais]38Poppa, Can You Hear Me?39"Yokel Chords" Medley40Hullaba Lula41Song of the Wild Beasts42Dancing Workers' Song43Oldies and Nudies44School Day45Born Under A Bad Sign46Moanin' Lisa Blues47Deep, Deep Trouble48God Bless The Child49I Love To See You Smile50Springfield Soul Stew (Album Version)51Look At All Those Idiots52Sibling Rivalry (Album Version)53The Simpsons Theme (Orchestral Version)54Trapped Like Carrots55Doomsday Is Family Time56Release the Hounds57Clap For Alaska58What’s An Epiphany?59Thank You Boob Lady60You Doomed Us All… Again61…. Lead, Not To Read62Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me?63Bart’s Doodle64Worlds Fattest Fertilizer Salesman65His Big Fat Butt Could Shield Us All66Spider Pig67Recklessly Impulsive