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sadboi hours

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for bois, gworls, and non-binary, because we all get sad. feat. Miguel


1Boyz Don't Cry2IJMTOY (Sped Up)3Minotaur's Song4separation anxiety5Ice Slippin6I Know You (with Matt Maeson)7we die once8Notes From A Wrist9You Problem10Hayami Hana11I Love You So12sensitive13Quiet Storm14afraid of heights15Used To Be Young16What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"]17Slowly18Hopeless19Hate This Place [feat. JID]20trigger warning2124/7, 36522He's Getting Away!23Happiness Is Overrated24Uncomfortable25Don't Stare Too Long26Sad & Alone27Think Fast28Actress29I should call my mom30Ms. Do You Wrong31Coyotes32Alonica33Change Your Mind34Strange35Changes (feat. Laura Elliott)36Tender Fall37ashes38Gia39DGAF40you don't love me anymore41Thank You For Everything42Wet Cement43Meadow44I'll Scream (All The Words)45i care so much that i dont care at all46Sweet Bonita47hell is a teenage girl48who knew?49These Wounds50Better Man51The Process52un x100to53thought it'd be you54Looking At Me55Summer (Acoustic)56Tear Drops57Moved On58on one59Olympus60Unstable61BLUFF62The Bridge63Growing Pains64Back In My Shell65Violence66i know you've been lonely67You & I68Ohio69We Were Never Really Friends70Sleep Well71Don't Let Go72crowded places73the ultimate taurus74Us Without Me75Don't Forget About Me76tell me to fall and i will77Friends78i do luv u79There's People Watching (Chill Version)80Come See Me81Clueless821883Wish You Well84Elephant In The Room85serious person86Favorite Song87WHERE DOES YOUR SPIRIT GO?88LIMBO (Sped Up Version)89Metamorphosis90if depression gets the best of me91Sure Thing (slowed + reverb)92Get You The Moon93apart94still95Unlovable (Stripped Down)96It Wasn't Enough97Sleeping Beauty98The Hands (From the Original Motion Picture “The Inspection”)99phases (Acoustic)1003 Boys101Good News102Sadboy103TV104Kaleidoscope105Crystal Ball