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REDISCOVER Queens of the Stone Age

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Warning: this playlist is extraordinarily heavy and may contain maximum riffage.


1No One Knows2The Way You Used To Do3I Sat by the Ocean4Little Sister5Go With The Flow6Make It Wit Chu7The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret83's & 7's9If Only10My God Is the Sun11Feel Good Hit Of The Summer12Regular John13I Appear Missing14Song For The Dead15Feet Don't Fail Me16Burn The Witch17First It Giveth18Smooth Sailing19I Think I Lost My Headache20Sick, Sick, Sick (Album Version)21You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire22If I Had a Tail23In My Head (Album Version)24Avon25The Vampyre of Time and Memory26Suture Up Your Future (Album Version)27The Evil Has Landed28Medication (Album Version)29Never Say Never (Non-Lp Version)30Hanging Tree31Someone's In The Wolf (Album Version)32Better Living Through Chemistry33Mexicola34Song For The Deaf35I Never Came (Album Version)36Monsters In The Parasol37The Sky Is Fallin'38Fortress39How to Handle a Rope (A Lesson in the Lariat)40Misfit Love (Album Version)41In The Fade/Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Reprise) (Album Version)42Mosquito Song43Skin On Skin (Album Version)44Auto Pilot45Into The Hollow (Album Version)