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Best of Worried Blues

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Enjoy rare recordings by Delta blues legends from the Fat Possum label - exclusively on Amazon.


1Worried Blues2Goin' Down South3On the Road Again4Jesus Said If You Go5Myrtle Mae6Let's Get Together7Streamline Special8Slidin' Delta9Kind Hearted Woman Blues10No Special Rider11All Night Long12Two Trains Runnin'13Why Don't You Come Home Blues14(Jesus Will Fix It) Alright15Bull Cow Blues #216Sun Goin' Down17Drunken Leroy Blues18Louis Collins19Bricks in My Pillow20Prisoner Bound Blues21I'm so Glad22Sat Down on My Bed and Cried23I've Got a Bird to Whistle24You Gotta Move25Must I Break 'Em on Down26Lo, I'll Be with You Always27Fixin' to Die28Monday Mornin' Blues29Bye Bye Blues30Cow Cow Blues31Bad Whiskey32Nine Days in Jail33Furry's Worried Blues34Pray for Me35Little Boy Blue36Mornin' Train37Midnight Twister38Comin' Home39Cry On! Cry On!40Gin House Blues41Catfish Blues42My Black Name A-Ringin'43East St. Louis Blues44Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round45B and O Blues46Out on the Ocean Sailing47Jump48A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight49Cryin' Won't Help Me Stay50London Shout51Goin' Away to Stay52Peach Tree Blues53See That My Grave Is Kept Clean54Just a Closer Walk with Thee55Love Honeyboy Slow56Right Now57Vaseline Head Woman58Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor59Maggie Campbell Blues60Muleface Blues61Devil Got My Woman62Goin' Away Blues63St. Louis Blues64Rock of Ages65Don't Mistreat a Fool66Birmingham Special67Chi Chi Boogie68Joe Turner69Big Road Blues70You Gotta See Your Mama Every Night71She Lyin'72Poor Blues73Oh! Babe!74...Remember Me75Howlin' Wind76There's Destruction77Boogie 'Til Dubuque78Trouble Blues79Sweet Black Angel Blues80New Vicksburg Blues81Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues82Tom Wilson's Place83Judge Boushé84You've Got to Stand Your Test in Judgement85(Meet The) Mornin' Train86O, Glory87Corinna Corinna88Nobody's Dirty Business89I Got Something90Oh, Daddy91Illinois Blues92Long Haired Doney93If You Follow Me Babe94In the Army of the Lord95Hot Springs (Arkansas) Blues96Soon My Work Will Be Done97Aberdeen Blues98Avalon Blues99I'm Gettin'100Farrish Street Jive