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Staying Breezy

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Feelin' free, that's the way it's s'posed to be. Tame Impala x Thundercat on the cover.


1No More Lies2Bioluminescence3Soak Up The Sun4Millennium5Sugar6Colorado7Freakin8Journey To The Real World9It's Real10Summer11Lullaby12YKWIM?13Space Girl (feat. chloe moriondo)14Steeeam15NYE16Easy On Them Turns17Softly18Passion19Nydia20Sunburn21Amoeba22Lydia23Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco)24MANGO25The Sun (feat. JAWNY)26Is It True27Jamz28Best Thing29Be Sweet30Hysterical Us31Cuff Your Jeans32Bruise33Sun Hands34Lauren35Tangerine36Mood37Petals38Salad Days39Beach Comber40The Divine Chord [feat. MGMT & Johnny Marr]41Right Down The Line42Making Things43Butterfly Wings44Golden45Change46Shallow Water47Then It All Goes Away48Photo ID49Wasting Time50You Can Have It All51Will We Ever Get This Right52Steal My Sunshine (feat. Cherry Glazerr)53Geology54To Die in L.A.55Hunnybee56Cheer Up, My Brother57La Girl58Marigold59Lemonade60Leave It In My Dreams61All Of The Time62Somewhere [feat. Gus Dapperton]63Backyard Boy64It All Feels Right65Friend Of Mine66Wishful Thinking67Dragonball Durag68I'm Just Snacking69Just Like Kids (Miau)70Summer Girl (Bonus Track)71Sofia72Lil Thing73As It Was74Meet the Frownies75OK76Chaise Longue77Easier Said78Sober79Time to Walk Away80Not but for You, Bunny81Time I Love To Waste82Woof83Voyage84Moments / Tides85It's Easy86California87Change88Cherry (Amazon Original)89Cheesin'90honey91Only You Know92Frankenstein93Dramamine94more95Our Park By Night96Suddenly97Voodoo?98Dissolve99It's Random100If I Ever Feel Better101I Don't Know You102Coolhand103Spectrolite104Shapeless105are you?106Moai y Yo107Anthony Kiedis108Summer Days109Bolide