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Trance Liftoff

Curated by Amazon's music experts and updated weekly.

Today's top epic trance sounds. Cover: Armin van Buuren, Gryffin


1What Took You So Long2Keep Running3Touch The Sky4Raven5Drifting Away (Alessandra Roncone Remix)6Lonely In Love7Remember The Future8Everywhere To Me9Cyberlink 2XL10High On Love11Now Love Will Begin12It Starts With A Dream13Perfect People14Starwave15Second Sunrise16Subliminal17Heaven18Another World19Believe20Belong To You21Ouverture22The Passion 202423Perseverance24Being Alone25By Now26Rise Again27Come Home (Laura van Dam Remix)28The Unknown29Oceanflow30Revelation31Thalassa32Feels Good33Touch Me34Dance Like Nobody’s Watching35Death of a Star (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Mix)36Gone37Goodbye38Now We Are Free39Steady & Stronger407 Nights41Coming On Strong (Trance Mix)42Bad Dream43Interstellar [Cornfield Chase] (York's Back In Time Mix)44Hypnosis45Bloom At Night46It's Never Enough47Push It48Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem)49Why So Serious50Lifeforce51Promise52Now or Never53Elysium [Transmission 2024 Theme]54I'm Not Rank 155Let's Go (Alok Remix)56Sky Falls Down57Fulfillment58Faith59Invisible (Somna Remix)60Pebble Beach61The Hardest Thing62Don't Forget63Wait 4 Me64Distance (Coast 2 Coast Remix)65Crazy Love66Poison67In My Mind68Sublimity69Fear Of Losing You70Places I Belong71Rude Place72This Is What It Feels Like (Armin van Buuren 2023 Remix)73Motions74No More Tears (Cameron Mo & Seegmo Remix)75Cry For You76Crusade (Club Edit)77Arka78Resurfaced79Kill Me80Sparks in the Night81Koral82Stay Awake83Hideaway84Fireflies (Full Fire Mix)85Could It Be Love86Gravity (Manila Killa & MYRNE Remix)87All Night88Sweet Release (Shugz Remix)89Miracle90Butterfly91Forgotten Element92Moonlight93Violet94Bullet In The Gun95LFOcean96Evolve97Take Off98Thinking About You99Breathe Again100Essentia