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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Amazon Originals - Indie

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Great Amazon Music Original indie tracks you can hear only on Amazon Music


1No Surprises (Amazon Original)2Working Boy In New York City (Amazon Original)3Heart of Glass (Amazon Original)4Glue Song (Kids Choir Version) (Amazon Original)5So Far Away (Amazon Original)6Constant Repeat (Amazon Original)7I Can't Give Everything Away8Our Lips Are Sealed (Amazon Original)9Dig a Pony (Amazon Original)10Friday (Amazon Original)11Cherry (Amazon Original)12HSKT (Amazon Original)13Rich (Amazon Original)14Thank U Next (Amazon Original)15Sometimes (Tides Version - Amazon Original)16You Slipped Away (Amazon Original)17Bless The Telephone (Amazon Original)18Powerful Man (Amazon Original)19Over and Over ((Egyptian Variation) [Amazon Original])20The Great Divide ((Flipped) (Amazon Original))214Runner (Acoustic) (Amazon Original)22Cosmic Dancer (Amazon Original)23Piggy24Timing Is Everything (And I'm Falling Behind) (Amazon Original)25Seventeen feat. Norah Jones (Amazon Original)26Real Love Takes Time (Amazon Original)27Perfect Day (Amazon Original)28I'm Your Puppet (Amazon Original)29It Ain't Easy (Amazon Original)30Enjoy the Silence (Amazon Original)31Up, Higher (Amazon Original)32Temporary Secretary (Amazon Original)33S.O.S. (Amazon Original)34Needle in the Hay (Amazon Original)35Fade Into You (Amazon Original)36Hot Bread (Amazon Original)37Wide Open Spaces (Amazon Original)38Modern Girl (Amazon Original)39We R In Control (Amazon Original)40LAX (Amazon Original)