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Breakthrough Canada

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Our favourite up-and-coming Canadians who are poised for greatness. Cover: Malko


1GOD COMPLEX2let u in3call me when you get this4Sleeping With Her5A2B6Hooked7Fade8treat your friends924/7, 365104 Sho11Collide12nicotine13What I Want The Most (Diamond Cut)14Kiss Me on the Floor15Stronger (feat. KILJ)168AM FLIGHTS17Hunger18SEX MACHINA19Bigger Person20Sugar Mommy21Call Me On Your Way22Essence23Unhappier24Give In25Beach26Devil Town27To Learn28I Just Wanna Know291-800-GOT-STRESS30Kilimanjaro31In My City32What Ever It May Be (Diamond Cut)33Have A Good Summer (Without Me)34Chair in the Shower (feat. sunsetto)35Never Going Home36Majimbo37Strange38lookinforu39CREAM40Swap Places41Matchmaker42Ms. Do You Wrong43Worlds Away44No Sound45No Feelings46TOO CLOSE47Didn't Try48Rewind.. (But I Love You)49Manic Party50Call U After Rehab51drive faster52Lights Out53Friday Night With The Neighbours54i wanna be your right hand55Holding On56WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER (feat. Lights)57Daydreaming58Mine (feat. Boslen)59Tragedy60Lonely61idc (reprise) [feat. Preston Pablo]62dishes63World In My Hands64NEVEREVERLAND65Lassée