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Metal Scene

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Loud, supercharged metal music to stir up some mayhem. Cover: Wage War


1BLUR2Light Years3ANYTHING > HUMAN4Villain Arc5Epitaph6Ronald7Suffocate (feat. Poppy)8RATATATA9can u see me in the dark?10TOMBSTONE11Beyond the Pale12Unholy Confessions13Red Wine And Discontent14A.F. Day15Hands of Sin16Sacrifice17liMOusIne18Don’t Look Away19Curse20Let You Go21Let Me Disappear22Get Out23One Foot In The Grave (feat. Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men)24Perfume Of The Timeless25NAIL526L.A.M.N27RAINBOWS28The Cleansing29Gamma Knife30Farewell31Blinding Faith32God Speed33Empty34Spiral (Justice)35LEAVE ME ALONE36Kintsugi37Kid Of Darkness38Haunter39Warriors40Underrated41Slaughterhouse 2 (feat. Chris Motionless)42Final Words43crying44158945Orphan (lᴉʌǝp ǝɥʇ)46Break The Rules47One (feat. James Hetfield & Robert Trujillo)48Divine49Wash It Away50Brave New World51Through My Head52H.A.T.E.53FLY AWAY54The Jericho Protocol55The Wall56Predator57Seeing Red58MAGNETIC59Sucks 2 Suck60Kool-Aid61UNGØD62Dissociative Being63To The Dance Floor For Shelter64Slow Sour Bleed65ZERO66nights67DOWN (Feat. Malevolence)68Vendetta (feat. Johnny 3 Tears)69Black Star70Overthrone71IF IT DOESN'T HURT72Fractured73Evidence74Continuum75Reign76The Catalyst77Blue Reverie78Ritual79Empire80To The Grave81Conflict82Zero83Distorted Reflections84Keeping Secrets85Godspeed, Goodbye86Burning Down87Eyes Wide Open88Dante89Burn MF (feat. Rob Zombie)90Eternal December91Become One92ARE YOU AFRAID?