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1Secret Life2Happier Than Ever3Sound the Alarm (feat. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer & Royal & the Serpent)4PMA (feat. Pale Waves)5A Piece Of Your Mind6Sometimes Amy7Okay8tinted green9Stoned at the Nail Salon10Song 2 (Amazon Original)11Devil12Push It Down13Royalty (Royalty Remix)14Superficial15I Like To Party16Home to You17It's Gonna Be Ok18Smells Like Teen Spirit19Coloratura20Time of my Life21Motion22You Should Be Dancing23Summerland24unison25Say What You Will26Liquor Store27Living Proof28It's Not You29running in place (alternate take)30Yellow31If I Were You32Can You Handle My Love??33G R O W [feat. Travis Barker]34Give Me The Future35Good Girls36Only Love37One Thing I Know38Rage (feat. Travis Barker and Aimee Interrupter of The Interrupters)39Me Myself & Adderall40Amoeba41VAMPIRE'S DIET42Can Ya43La Femme Michelle44NDA45Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache (From "The Last Letter From Your Lover")46You Oughta Know47Otherside of Truth48Dare To Dream49Cure For Me50Somebody That I Used to Know (Amazon Original)51Wrecked52Drunk Dreaming53Solar Power54Stay55Diagnosed Dissociative56to get over you57WANNA BE (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)58Understand It59Tryst60As Much As I Can61Miracle, Baby62High Forever63Jenny64Daddy's Coming Home65Rain (from The Suicide Squad)66Lace Your Shoes67The Knack68Someplace69No Cares70He Gets Me So High71Distorted Light Beam72Missing Piece73Know It All74Stop Making Stupid People Famous (feat. Pussy Riot)75Run Away to Mars76Lost Cause (Prime Day Show x Billie Eilish)77Fire In My Head78I want you Back79please put me in a medically induced coma80Special Place in Hell81Young Forever82How Not To Drown83Bottle Rocket (feat. Manchester Orchestra)84Tell Me What You Want (From "Wave Break")85good 4 u86Making A Fire (Mark Ronson Re-Version)87Dustland [feat. Bruce Springsteen]88Colorado89Would You Die?90Look Good91I'll Always Be There92Find My Own Way93Blood Thinner94the angel of 8th ave.95Dating My Dad (feat. Travis Barker)96Sick of The Silence97What You Say98smoke break//99Jawbreaker