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Fresh Rock

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays

The best new songs in modern rock. Cover: Pkew Pkew Pkew


1Farside Bathroom2Nowhere To Go But Everywhere3Confessions Of The Fallen4MORE THAN YOU KNOW5DROP (feat. Randy Blythe)6Yours (feat. Bea Miller)7Devil In Disguise8Mercy9silent stranger10Never Know11Dynamite (2023 Version)12Goodbye to the Old Me13Punching Bag - Acoustic14Power (feat. Ian Crossland)15We Are The Rest16Shake Your City17Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (Amazon Music Original)18Here And Now19The Better Me20Bound For Glory (feat. Markus Videsäter of Solence)21Attempt 8 (feat. Sophie Meiers)22Animal23Internet24Anodyne25Conwayroad26Nudge27another soul28Birthday Party29Longfeather30We Want It All31Dynamite32BLACKOUT33Coming Down34Speed of Light35Horizon36Rockstar37Angry38Sweet & Sour America39Running In Circles40Get High?41Bang Ya Head [feat. Fred Durst]42Stay Alive43Cash & Cobain44Long Distance Love45system_failure46Mirror47The Night John Buck Hit Three Home Runs48Shiner In The Dark49HONEY (ARE U COMING?)50Spiral51Devil You Know52FAVOURITE SONG53With Regards54all your labour.55Cold World56Cellular57Sold!58Brakes59In This Condition60Let Go61Jaded62Doubt Me63Make It Out Alive64Smile, World65Overtime66Barbie Girl67Head Up68Overflow69Her Wings70OVER YOUR DEAD BODY71Old Wounds72Dead Weight73Moi?74angel number.75Perhaps76Sweet Life77Talk Sick78Legends Never Die79Below The Belt80Down [2023]81Can't Find The Brakes82keep a window open//83Immortal84METALI!! (feat. Tom Morello)85Bleed Out86Artificial87Nevergreen88Royals89No Lovin’90In The Silence91Look Alive (Netic)92Afuera (Amazon Music Original)93Nothing Is Perfect94Shine95Breathe With Me (feat. Lindsey Stirling)96The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done97What Do You Need98Forgotten99Welcome To The Show