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Fresh Folk & Acoustic

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The latest in the world of folk and acoustic music. Cover: Abigail Lapell


1Count On Me2Oh Vibrant Sky [feat. Wild Pink]3Wildflower and Barley4In Montreal [feat. Allison Russell]5Wherever You Go6Forever7Goldie Hawn (OurVinyl Sessions)8The Architect9Devil Talking10BLACKBIIRD11Kickin'12Somebody's son13Reckless Heart14Fall15Maia16Easy Street17You Are Left Behind18Be (Acoustic)19The Moonlight20Imaan21Burn It Down22Songbirds23Birdwatcher24Supposed to Say25Carefree26Long Way Home27Deeper Well28Pick Me Up, Dust Me Off (Acoustic)29Burial Grounds30Rosemary31Fédon [feat. Taj Mahal]32For Months Now33eyes don't lie34Rattlesnake35Tall Boy362237Daughters38Bike Dream39Kindergarten Heart40Same Old Me41Cottontail42Walking To Your Doorway43For Al and Lee44Missing Out45Scared To Start46Strawberries and Champagne47All the Ways (feat. Ray LaMontagne)48Make You Mine49Don't Forget Me50Completely, Sweetly51How Good52Bells53In Emerald54Went for a Ride55Revival56Solo57The endLing58Dead or Grown59The House We Built (Acoustic)60Know the Night61I Want to Be With You Always62In The Light63Already Gone64Anniversary Song65Modern Drugs66Everywhere, Everything67The Internet68My Status is the Baddest69Coyote70You Did Not Pass Me By (feat. Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) [Bonus Track - Live]71Stay cool72Hearts On Fire73When We Kiss74Right Back to It75Looking For76Yours and Mine77Bliss (Acoustic Version)78See You Home79Break Free80Missing You81Lake Michigan (Live at Neat Cafe, Burnstown, ON, Canada - Nov 9, 2022)82A Little Devil83Nobody Knows84Cockroach (Live)85Bluebird Wine86What You Don’t Know87Apolonia88Animals (Acoustic)89Go To Sleep90Name of God91Be Brave92You Mean It93Can't Go Back94I'm Around (Both Sides)95Down the Line96So Small97Northern Attitude98New Favorite99Can't Make Us Gone100Goodbye101Our Love (Acoustic)102God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics (Acoustic)103We Surrender104My Home is You105Dark Angel106Goodbye107Come on By108Slow Night in Nowhere Town109Spaces110Hibernation111Anything You Want112Bobtail Road113Lost Without You114A Running Start115Long Time Ago116Succession (Live Acoustic)117Silver Lining (Acoustic)118Downtown119Precious120To Be Human121This Beautiful Life122I've Been Fooling You123Tip to Toe124Sarah's Place (feat. Noah Kahan)125Mystery126Take My Hand127Creatures of a Day128The Way You Can129Elizabeth130Spotlight131Into The Unknown132The Road to Lushes Bight (Island Stock)133Dashboard Blues134Man! I Feel Like A Woman135Still Up Late (Acoustic)136Turned to Gold137Qimatsilunga (I Want to Break Free)138Attention139si vale la pena decir que si (ft. tout feu)140We Will Meet Again141Talk To Me