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The best songs of the week, updated every Friday Cover: Kendrick Lamar


1Die Hard2Rich Spirit3Cooped Up [feat. Roddy Ricch]4what would you do?5Dream Girl Evil6Last Last7The Foundations of Decay8Pain9Worth A Shot10SUPERMODEL11I Love U12Past Life13BAILÉ CON MI EX14The Heart Part 515For the Love of Money16Where'd You Learn How To Do That17we'll make this ok18Me Myself & I19Roman Candles20Too Much21Open22One Life23Fill 'Er Up24Michael25never gonna let it (but it's completely different)26Caught Up27Mr. Percocet28Mean Something29Still Breathing30Do Not Disturb [feat. NAV & Yung Bleu]31Will It Ever Feel The Same?32Lucky Few33Just Friends34Bring Some Mo (feat. NLE Choppa)35Smoke & Dance36A.M. RADIO37Purple Haze38I Love My Hometown39Seeing Someone Else40WIG41When You're Gone (Acoustic)42Fall In Love Alone43Meteorite44Iris (Acoustic)45Honey46Don't Feel Like Crying47In The Way48Scarborough Street Fight49Nothing Good Comes Easy (PRETTY YOUNG Remix)501x151Faster Gun (feat. Ruby Waters)52Out of My Head feat. Aaron Gillespie53Wild World54Shivering (feat. Spiritbox)55Nightmares56Honey57UNDO REDO58New Ways59I h8 Myself60Firefly61Tell Me Why62Sleeping With Penelope63Horizon64Butterfly Blue65Pressure66Together At Last67Carry Anne68Bad For My Health69Headspace70Brazilian Love Song (Jengi Remix)71Midnight Delivery72She Didn't Know (Live At The Roxy May 3, 1991)73Evergreen74Melody75Hell Of A Way To Go76Your Love Was A Gift77Tired of Taking It Out On You78No Gold Teeth79IFTK80Trees81Over The Rainbow82Sway (Sped Up Version)83go84Wait Up For Me85GET ME OUTTA HERE86Prophecy87In Bloom88Dead To Me89Sick of Y'all90Marie91Loveback92LIGHTWAVES93Stand Strong94Bored