70s Hidden Gems

1All the Young Dudes2Me and My Arrow3Doctor My Eyes4Wondering Where The Lions Are5Sundown6The Circle Game7Radar Love8Sister Golden Hair9Down By The Henry Moore10Magnet and Steel11Runaway12Arms Of Mary13Killer Queen (2011 Remaster)14Father And Son (Remastered 2020)15Ophelia (Remastered 2000)16I'd Love to Change the World (2004 Remaster)17Universal Soldier18Call on Me (2002 Remaster)19Midnight Rider20Flip, Flop & Fly21Signs22Tonite Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love23How Much I Feel (Remastered Version)24We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)25Fly At Night (In The Morning We Land)26Love Is Alive27She's Gone28Switchin' to Glide29Mama Let Him Play30One Tin Soldier (Rerecorded)31Rock Me Gently32Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter33Seasons In The Sun34Rain-O35Time Passages36The Streak37A Fifth Of Beethoven38Almost39Going To The Country40Fire41Crazy Talk42Love Hurts43Star Baby44Painted Ladies45Dancing In the Moonlight46I'm A Stranger Here (Single Version)47Another Tumbleweed48Little Willy49You Make Me High50Farmer's Song51Rock And Roll Song52Indiana Wants Me (Rerecorded)53Me and Bobby McGee54Linda Put The Coffee On55Hard Rock Town56Creation Dream57Four Strong Winds58Mister Blue59Communication Breakdown60Baby Blue61Love Gets You Twisted
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