I've Become A True Villainess - Part 1

Meet Cute Originals

11-06-2024 • 19 mins

Meet Cute and Manta Present: I've Become A True Villainess - Part 1. Original story by Flowing honEy. A graduate student has woken up as Seria Sterne—the villainess of the romance novel she was reading! But Seria dies at the end of the original story, and this Seria is determined to not let that happen… Then she meets dreamy Rouche, the male lead, but he’s destined to end up with someone else. Or is he?

Story by Orin Calcagne. Directed and Produced by Liz Fields. Sound Editing and Design by Eliot Krimsky. Story Editor: Amarlie Foster. SVP, Production: Lucie Ledbetter. Starring: Rebecca Rose, Shogo Miyakita, Hao Feng, Suzie Rai, Ainsleigh Barber, Allen Enlow, Katie Flamman, Jimmie Yamaguchi.

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