Fire & Ice - Part 2

Meet Cute Originals

12-04-2024 • 17 mins

Meet Cute and Picturestart Present: Fire & Ice - Part 2, executive produced by Nancy Kerrigan and Lindy Goldstein. Odette and Delia make an uneasy truce and go to a donor event together. But then Odette meets Delia’s dreamy skating partner, Freddie. What truce?

Story by Juli Del Prete. Produced & Directed by Ashley Eskew. Sound Mixing & Design by Kyle Smithers, Additional Sound Support by Chris Fore. Music: Swan Lake Theme by Tchaikovsky. Story Editor: Amarlie Foster. SVP, Production: Lucie Ledbetter. Starring: Chiara Aurelia, Jack Martin, Kennedy Holmes, Laura Schein, Clayton Farris, Yuriy Sardarov, Kendall Johnson, Sydney Battle, Kathleen Leary, Jenni Barber, Gabe Greenspan, Scott Golden, Ashley Eskew. Based on the feature screenplay, FIRE & ICE, by Ashleigh Powell.

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