Barfly of Oldominion drops in for a hang with ArtByTai on The DOD45 Show - *Full Episode 55

The DOD45 Show

30-03-2023 • 2 hrs 4 mins

You’re never gonna guess what we get to do on this episode of The DOD45 Show, but don’t waste anymore of your precious time trying to figure it out cause we're gonna tell you right now. We get to hang out with the one and only barfly. Yes, that’s right you heard it correctly. Barfly of Oldominion, Floods, Candys .22, Saturday Knights, Norman, Nite owls, Inhalant, and so many others, Also author of the book that has been recently occupying @ArtByTai 's wandering mind, Winding Up Strangers in Bars. We talk about his book, we talk about his music, we talk about his moniker "Barfly", which was initially ascribed to transient writer #CharlesBukowski, but now maybe not so much, as he seems to be leaning more towards Barf Loko, but not the Barf from #Spaceballs & not a loco from Cypress Hill. Ya know what else, we talk about #WayneNewton, #OliviaNewtonJohn, and the potential for the music industry making a return to being a cultural & social experience that isn’t for profit! Barfly’s a wise individual & sure we have some playful banter about Norm & Barney, Jeff Ross & Jeff Foxworthy, but we also don’t shy away from some metaphysical chat either. Don’t kid yourself folks. Barfly is an anomaly, in a good way...his style is like no other & you can hear him spittin’ bars alongside people like #OnryOzzborn, #Existereo, Smoke & Sleep of #Oldominion & soon, maybe we’ll all be lucky enough to hear the music he’s been making with Hyena under the name Inhalant! @therealsagefrancis slides into the episode to question Barfly on his rarely operated Twitter feed and @mrfuckingdibbs , who’s told us personally that Barfly is one of his favorite rappers, pops in talkin’ about flapping gums & bouncing lips around, to ask Barfly about Midwestern Mystery Tradition, or in other words, things that went down back in the day. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation & hope you will as well. With Barfly fielding an FMK scenario involving #WillieNelson, #CraigTNelson and #JuddNelson, we're sure you will. Now we're gonna go pop on our Barfly Floods Temple of Abraxa CD, throw our feet up on the coffee table & read Barf Loko’s book Winding Up Strangers in Bars, while we wait for you to get your act together & click on the links to watch this episode of the DOD45 Show with Barfly!

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