Mr. Dibbs & Top 3 lists on DOD45 with ArtByTai (Ep37)

The DOD45 Show

24-11-2022 • 1 hr 39 mins

It's the first episode of Season 4, episode 37. A last minute cancellation turns into a visit from Mr. Dibbs.

Dibbs = good time and on this episode what was supposed to be a short 15 minute episode where Tai, Adrienne and Dibbs share their top 3 favorite musicians and top 3 favorite movies, turned into a 4 hour long discussion about many things and even includes a pop-in from Slug & Dibb's better half, Laura. We managed to trim the episode down to an hour and a half. Deja-vu!

Tai just doodles in this episode while they end up having discussions about lab grown meat, Walmart, Outer Range, Bulldogs, Josh Brolin, Denzel Washington, knives, brass knuckles, Ka, highest price paid for a record and Chipotle....and Slug drops in inverted.

An hour & and half or more was chopped from the episode that broadcasts, so even though you'll miss out on a ton of laughs from that, you can be assured that you're gonna still have a great time listening in to the hour and a half that we're presenting ya with. Enjoy!
Theme music by Mr Dibbs:

Top 3 lists:
Mr. Dibbs movies-
1. Fallen
2. Style Wars
3. Three O'clock High

Mr. Dibbs music makers (alive)-
1. The Bomb Squad
2. Marley Marl
3. Prince Paul

Tai movies-
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Spaceballs
3. Summer School

Tai music makers (alive)-
1. Aesop Rock
2. P.O.S.
3. Ceschi

Adrienne movies-
1. Boondock Saints
2. Lock, Stocks and Two Smoking Barrels
3. In Bruge

Adrienne music makers (alive)-
1. King Krule
2. Buck 65
3. Bjork and Sigur Ros

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