50th Episode Celebration on The DOD45 Show

The DOD45 Show

23-02-2023 • 1 hr 45 mins

In this episode Tai and Adrienne shoot the breeze, and rehash the season 4 as they celebrate the 50th episode of The DOD45 Show with give-aways during the live stream. (turn on your live chat to find out who the prize winners are)  While Tai draws a piece that was suggested by the audience, they pay their respects to Trugoy the Dove with a funny story about the time they met him backstage during one of Tai's TV show interviews with De La Soul back in the 90's. They also chat about some of the recent heated discussions over Tai's piece The Last Suffer on his Facebook page, how the ended up with an art gallery in Hannibal, Missouri, how Tai was once stabbed in the knee by a friend and they discuss their high appreciations to the guests who've been supportive of the show after fielding a couple questions from Mr. Dibbs & Sage Francis.

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