Questions & Venting on the DOD45 Show with ArtByTai - *Full Episode 45

The DOD45 Show

23-01-2023 • 1 hr 40 mins

This episode of The @DOD45w Show turned into ArtByTai doin’ some venting, but they also field some questions from the audience. No guest this episode, just some random discussions including a breakdown of upcoming guests which include @sk8liborius, @therealthorts_, @earlyadopted, @lazerbeak, @craola & @hera_herakut & Tai reads a pointless drunk text he sent to himself last week. They also share their favorite Graffiti/Muralists via the question from @cas_one, which include @SkemeThreeYardKing, Hera, Craola, the BTMF crew, @TrentCall, @chew26k and @kiptoe1. And they discuss some of their artist friends from the Big Easy, @sk8_romain_fine_art, @gheeyom, Joshua Lee Studios & @lorenzfineart in regards to how Katrina affected them, spawn by their recent R&R weekend in New Orleans. And Tai goes off on the people who’ve ghosted him in response to his requests of having them guest on The DOD45. They also lament over the awfulness that is airline travel, people needing to share their every moment including their security camera footage, and comedians complaining about a “war on comedy”. It’s a war on bad comedy, folks! Anyway, we know ya like to hear from our guests, but we didn’t have one scheduled this week, so instead of a Be Kind Rewind rerun, Tai & Adrienne decided to go on air & answer all your questions.

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