Sage Francis returns to the DOD45 Show for a holiday discussion with ArtByTai - *Full Episode 41

The DOD45 Show

23-12-2022 • 2 hrs 13 mins

On this special holiday episode of the DOD45 show, episode 41, Tai & Adrienne have a chat with Strange Famous Records captain, Sage Francis while Tai sketches him a Grinch/Jack Skellington/Curious George/Cocomelon inspired drawing.

On this holiday-themed episode of the DOD45 Show Sage Francis returns to share in our holiday discussion while we also discuss the 20th anniversary repressing of his album Personal Journals and it's selling out within 15 minutes of it's release. Sage also reiterates his valid position regarding Spotify and he also shares a hilarious story of the time his grandma took him to see the movie Gremlins when he was 8.

They deliberate over lyrical content of 2 Live Crew & other rap groups of the 90s and how that music is looked at in today's era.

Sage shares his top 3 favorite holiday rap songs and 3 favorite holiday movies which somehow ventures into a discussion about Lucinda Dickey, the movie Ninja 3 and MacGruber.

Sage may spark controversy with his position on Die Hard being labeled as a Christmas movie and he also has a message for Mr. Dibbs via our Question From  Dibbs segment, regarding his beard-clippings which were obtained by Dibbs at a Scribble Jam many years ago.

And finally some very exciting announcements are made regarding Sage's long awaited podcast, The Hard Lurk, upcoming Strange Famous projects and most exciting, a Strange Famous festival in Denver in 2023? Yes please!

You’ll have to join us to hear more about that.

It’s just a few nights before Christmas Eve, and we like to start up a fire, slip into something cozy, gather 'round with our family & friends and do something festive together. Tai has created that "festive something" for you with this episode & opted to turn it into a drinking game with prize give-aways. Make yourself a drink, turn on the YouTube live-chat, get comfy and join us for our holiday-themed episode with Sage Francis.

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