Kalyn from Wheelchair Sports Camp Hangs with ArtByTai on The DOD45 Show - *Full Episode 54

The DOD45 Show

23-03-2023 • 1 hr 48 mins

On this episode of the DOD45 Show ArtByTai and Adrienne have the pleasure of exchanging dialogue with the most fabulous rapper, activist and Denver dweller, Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp. You're gonna watch, you're gonna listen, you're gonna learn and you're gonna definitely enjoy! There’s so much to cover when you’re talking 'bout Wheelchair Sports Camp & they do their damndest to cover it all, with the recent “YESS i’m a MESS” 7 inch release on the Alternative Tentacles label, an announcement about upcoming music videos for the entire Alice in Wonderland album, Kalyn's continuous campaigning for a guest appearance as a character on South Park, and Tai discovers that she has collaborated with one of his all time favorite comedians & panel show performers, James Acaster on his upcoming album Party Gator Purgatory, which also features folks like Yoni Wolf, Open Mike Eagle and more. In this episode, they have the chance to engage in a poignant philosophical discussion about The American Disabilities Act & what is considered a disability & what are reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities & Kalyn also expresses her new take on rap improv inspired by discussions with the remarkable Jazz vocalist, Venus Cruz. It’s a well-rounded discussion, where Tai ends up drawing a piece he'd never have drawn on his own accord, Mr. Dibbs calls in to question Kalyn about the first time the two of them played a show together & the shenanigans that resulted and Sage Francis drops in to Lurk Kalyn’s Twitter feed. So feed the animals, spike the punch, coral the chickens & kick back to enjoy this episode with The DOD45 Show with Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp. Peace.

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