Dope Knife aka Kendrick Mack joins ArtByTai discussion on DOD45 - *Full Episode (Ep 40)

The DOD45 Show

15-12-2022 • 1 hr 52 mins

On this episode of the DOD45 show, episode 40,  @ArtByTai  & Adrienne have a chat with Dope Knife, while Tai sketches him a skull-inspired drawing.

They discuss Mack's newest album The Dope One, released on  @fakefourinc , and his family's journey from Liberia in the 90's fleeing the Civil War and ending up in Savannah, GA. They also discuss the origins of the moniker Dope Knife & how it reflects his grimey side, and Mack comments on Jeru the Damaja's influence on hip-hop. He also shares his appreciation for Ice-T and the discussion eventually imagines a scenario with a Dope Knife/Ice-T collaboration. Knife admits he wishes he had the opportunity to participate in the original Scribble Jam battles, and at some point they have a conversation about zombie ants and the state of Dope's podcast Waiting on Reparations.

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