The DOD45 Show - ArtByTai Interviews Hip-Hop Artists, Producers, Athletes, Visual Artists & More!

The DOD45 Show

22-03-2023 • 2 mins

This is the DOD45 show, drawing over discussions 45 minutes with a special guest and now that we’re over 50 episodes deep, you should have at least seen one of our episodes. Resident artist, Tai of ArtByTai with his co-host Adrienne Taeoalii, engages in discussions with people they admire & are inspired by. On each episode Tai sets a 45 minute timer, put his pen to the paper & we all get to learn about their guest through an interview style discussion. With the added bonuses of announcements by Awol One, atypical questions from Mr. Dibbs & social media lurks from Sage Francis, there really is no legitimate reason for ya to not tune in. New visual episodes premiere every Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern time on YouTube & Spotify and all other podcast streaming platforms broadcast new episodes each week. With the support of companies like Strange Famous Records, Hab Sauce, Brim of the World, Aliens Built Earth, Speackerface, Ol’ Blue art Gallery, Sk8 Liborius, HandsMade & others, it’s time for you to start watching our show regularly. The DOD45 Show has had guests who’ve reached the highest levels of success, like Howard Berger winning an Oscar for Chronicles of Narnia, Atmosphere’s 20+ year of music making, H-Street legend Ron Allen still competing well into his 60s, Greg Lutzka winning X-game gold, Carlos Condit holding the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship title, Illogic eand #SageFrancis recently getting mentions on the 2023 Grammys, Teresa Sharpe winning the grand prize of $100k on season 2 of “Best Ink” and Mr. Dibbs’ communications with the other side… With guests in that stratosphere, ya really never know what you could learn. By the end of each episode, you’ll have watched Tai create mind-bending drawings from first pen stroke to the last & from the questions that Tai asks of each guest, while he's drawing, it’s highly likely that you’ll be an inkling wiser than you were prior. That’s our spiel, ‘Nuff said. It’s your move. It’s the DOD45 Show with #ArtByTai.

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