Mr. Dibbs & Slug of Atmosphere on The DOD45 Show - rerun episode 4 with new footage for Episode 44

The DOD45 Show

16-01-2023 • 2 hrs 37 mins

This is a Be Kind Please Rewind episode of DOD45 where we revisit ArtByTai's discussion with Mr. Dibbs & Slug. The discussion was over 4 hours long and the first airing of it was for Season1 Episode 4. That episode was cut down to an hour and a half. This BKPR episode has been completely reedited with our new graphics and with some unseen footage from the first discussion. It has has new intros and outros from ArtByTai and Adrienne. Though it's a rewind of the episode 4, it actually plays as an entirely new episode. This version has been cut down to 2 1/2 hours which means there is still an hour and a half on the cutting room floor. That being said, this cut was focused more on keeping in funny, interesting parts of the discussion and what is relevant to today, with less of a concern on a linear narrative. In other words, it's full of laughs and goes off the rails from time to time. ENJOY!

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