Bonus: Darrell Schweitzer talks about interviewing and editing Gene Wolfe & Others

ReReading Wolfe

05-05-2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

The Darrell Schweitzer Interview

Darrell Schweitzer has been a fanzine/genre magazine contributor and interviewer since the late 60s, a published author since the 70s and the editor of Weird Tales and various anthologies. He is considered a foremost anthologist of weird fiction, dark fantasy, and horror, having edited definitive collections of Lord Dunsany, H. P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard.

He won the Asimov's Science Fiction's Readers' Award for his poetry and a World Fantasy Award for his editing.

His novel The Mask of the Sorcerer is often cited by Wolfe enthusiasts as within the Wolfe genre.

He also has some books for sale (please use these links b/c they will go directly to his personal ebay account):

You can also go to any of these listings, click "Visit Store" or "See Other Items" to see the other books he has for sale (his and others').


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