485: How To Actually Feel Your Feelings + Process Your Emotions with Aaron Doughty

Highest Self Podcast®

28-02-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

I’m back with fan-fav Aaron Daughty to dive into a topic that’s been HUGE in both of our spiritual journeys since we last spoke– emotional healing. You have probably heard phrases like “feel your feelings” but how do we actually do that? What does it look like in practice? Well, that’s exactly what we break down in today’s episode.

Aaron shares his own spiritual journey moving from Law of Attraction to emotional healing, realizing the true path to the higher vibration emotions is to delve into the lower vibrational ones. We both open up to discuss the ways our denser emotions have shown up in our lives and how they’re linked to unprocessed childhood experiences.

We then dive into the Spiral Dynamics and how we can hold onto emotions at different stages of our development… including a very cathartic practice I did to release suppressed anger towards the masculine. Aaron shares his experience of attracting controlling women until healing his wounds from his stepmom.

This is an honest conversation between two spiritual teachers being REAL with you on what true healing looks like behind the scenes and I know you’re going to take away so much from it.

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