Peter Lord, CEO and Co-Founder of Codat - Building a Universal API for SMB data

Wharton FinTech Podcast

26-01-2023 • 38 mins

Andrew Janssens hosts Peter Lord, CEO and Founder of Codat. Peter founded Codat, "the universal API for small business data" in 2017. Codat connects small businesses' consented data from banking, accounting and commerce platforms to fintechs and financial institutions. In June 2022, Codat raised a $100M Series C from investors including: JP Morgan, PayPal, Shopify and Plaid. In this episode you will hear about: - Pete's start in Computer Science and SMB lending, and how it led him to found Codat - What being "the Universal API for Small Business" means to Codat - Open Banking and Codat's proposal for Open Finance - Compare and contrast on the fintech scenes in the UK and USA - And much, much more! For more FinTech insights, follow us below: WFT Medium: WFT Twitter: WFT Instagram: Andrew’s Twitter: Andrew’s LinkedIn: