Miguel Fernandez Larrea, Co-Founder & CEO of Capchase - Non-dilutive financing for SaaS

Wharton FinTech Podcast

30-01-2023 • 35 mins

Tarang Gupta and Nidhi Singh host Miguel Fernandez, CEO and Co-founder at Capchase, a growth partner for SaaS companies providing flexible and non-dilutive funding. In this episode you will hear about - Miguel’s entrepreneurial journey from Europe to the US - Challenges that SaaS companies face with upfront costs - Why Miguel enjoyed his time at Harvard Business School but still chose to dropout - How Capchase is enabling capital access for small businesses And much more! About Miguel Fernandez Miguel is Co-founder and CEO of Capchase, he lives and breathes SaaS and is constantly thinking about how to solve founders’ needs around cash and revenue management. Miguel suffered most of the pains that Capchase is trying to solve while scaling sales, customer success and international at Geoblink, before pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School and dropping out to start Capchase in early 2020. When not at work, Miguel loves helping founders that are just starting out to help them achieve product market fit as fast as possible. About Capchase Founded in 2020, Capchase's mission is to help SaaS companies grow their businesses faster through non-dilutive capital, market insights, and community support. For more FinTech insights, follow us on WFT Medium: medium.com/wharton-fintech WFT Twitter: twitter.com/whartonfintech WFT Instagram: instagram.com/whartonfintech Tarang’s Twitter: twitter.com/tg_tarang Tarang’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/taranggupta100