THE GUEST LECTURE by Martin Riker, read by Vanessa Johansson

Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine

19-05-2023 • 7 mins

Vanessa Johansson’s thoughtful delivery makes Martin Riker’s novel come alive. Host Jo Reed and AudioFile’s Alan Minskoff discuss this clever novel with a feminist economist named Abigail at its center. Having been turned down for tenure, Abigail spends a sleepless night prepping for a speech and examining her life and career and analyzing what went wrong. She’s joined by an imaginary John Maynard Keynes, on whose work she is about to lecture. This brief audiobook is captivating as it portrays a soul in conflict, while also satirizing academia. Read the full review of the audiobook on AudioFile’s website. Published by Tantor Media. Find more audiobook recommendations at Support for AudioFile’s Behind the Mic podcast comes from Visit for three free audiobooks with a trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit