The Road to Online Retail - Episode 7: How mastering the online shopper experience led to the revival of a much loved global brand - the Toys R Us Australia/NZ story.

The Road to Online Retail

09-09-2020 • 38 mins

In this episode, we learn how important mastering the shopper experience online was to the rebirth of Toys R Us in Australia/NZ.

There's a change of scene in this episode as a few weeks ago the producer of this podcast, Nigel Miller, made it up to Queensland to visit international retail marketing and shopper experience expert, Kevin Moore. Whilst filming the final segments for The Road to Retail's new online shopper experience course, they took time to record this episode during which Kevin shares the story of his involvement in the rebirth of iconic brand Toys R Us as a pure online play in Australia/NZ.

You'll hear Kevin's journey working with Hobby Warehouse owner, Dr Louis Mittoni, to master the shopper experience to help build the success of the site. Kevin then explains how the lessons they learnt on that journey allowed them to successfully tender for, and win, the digital rights to Toys R Us and Babies R Us in Australia and New Zealand, even though they were competing against much larger national physical and online retailers. What was their point of difference that appealed to the brand owners? Their focus and mastery of the shopper experience which aligned well with the values of this global brand.

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