The Road to Online Retail - Episode 5: How to Raise Awareness to grow your online business.

The Road to Online Retail

29-06-2020 • 43 mins

Raising Awareness - Miranda Bond's Five-Pointed Star strategy to build your online business

If you need to build awareness of your online business, increase the number of visitors to your site and improve your conversion rates, then you will end up listening to this, and our next episode, over and over again!

This week, we have our first special guest - digital marketing expert Miranda Bond. Miranda is a serial entrepreneur who started in digital marketing over 25 years ago at the BBC in England, She's since used her digital marketing skills to build a global organic makeup business which she sold a few years ago. Miranda now consults for a number of online retailers both nationally and internationally and has her own online retail business,, with an artist partner.

Basically, Miranda has done it all in the online marketing world and knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to digital marketing.

Over two episodes, Miranda shares her Five-Pointed Star Strategythat will show you how to get the critical components of digital marketing working together in harmony. A harmony that will help you to rapidly grow awareness of your online business and increase sales.

The Five-Pointed Star Strategy focuses on the following:

1. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) - Miranda explains what it is and why it's important that you understand how to do the basics yourself to both save money and boost awareness.

2. Digital online marketing platforms - here, Miranda explains the importance of understanding the opportunities offered by the various digital marketing platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube etc. and how to dip your toe into the water of advertising with them to get you started.

3. Electronic Direct Mail (eDMs) - contrary to popular opinion, email is not dead! In fact, Miranda explains how she uses it to basically print money for her clients.

4. Conversion optimisation - there's no point getting a ton of traffic to your site if you can't convert it into sales. Here Miranda explains some of the common pitfalls and how to dramatically increase your conversion rates.

5. Retargeting strategies - even after reaching your shopping cart, not all visitors will continue through to the final sale. In this last point of the Five-Pointed Star, Miranda explains how you convert more sales using retargeting strategies.

The reason we were so excited to get Miranda on as a guest is because Miranda understands the online retail space and has helped a number of digital startups to grow rapidly. Her suggestions are simple to understand and easy to implement. She also has first-hand experience using a range of digital marketing apps and suggests a number that you can use to grow your business.

So if you're looking for simple, practical, economic and very, very effective steps you can take to build the awareness of your online offering, then this is the podcast for you.

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