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Welcome To The Music

07-05-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Judgement believes in the freedom of self-expression, and the acceptance of all. “Some are so quick to judge other people’s lives before their own. Ignore those people and do what the fuck you want to do”. The band's passion for change is shown throughout their live performance, social media, and music. Their style of music derives from the early 2000’s emo/post-hardcore era.

They re-invent those nostalgic sounds and feelings from the genre’s history, while adding modern elements and a different energy. Judgement's music focuses on topics that are surrounded by societal issues that they feel are often judged or overlooked, including mental illness, domestic violence, personal growth, society's expectations, and equality to name a few.

Judgement was 2018's recipient of the Best Emerging Artist Award at the first annual Oshawa Music Awards. In addition to this acknowledgment, the band was awarded a Certificate of Congratulations by The House Of Commons Canada for their efforts.

Listen and Watch their latest single: FACELESS -

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