Family Judgment & Separation


15-12-2021 • 37 mins

Are you struggling with the new politics of family gathering? Judgment and separation are inflicting wounds that may take some time to heal. This episode will help you rise above the craziness, feel and heal the pain it causes, and grow from the experience.

Silke Maria Haas has helped conscious and sensitive people to manage their problems with ease and to become happier, healthier in the process.

She is an international Coach and a healer with a sincere desire to reduce pain and suffering and to empower people to help themselves.

She does this through a unique transformation method that was born from the ups and downs in her own life, including divorce, single parenthood, abortion, relationship betrayals and financial difficulties.

She has gathered the tools she used, and added new elements to create a unique system of Coaching to help people heal and empower their life. She calls this method Crazy Healing.

Currently living in Spain, I invited Silke onto OWN THE GREY to share some tips to help us manage our crazy world.

Listen in on our enlightening conversation.

Crazy Healing website

Debra's website

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