A Scientist's Perspective on Intuitive Communication with Animals, with Integrative Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Feinman

Animals & Us - Voices of a New Paradigm

01-03-2024 • 56 mins

In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Jeff Feinman, a molecular biologist, devout researcher and a pioneering figure in the field of veterinary medicine. Driven by a commitment to holistic care, Dr. Jeff delved into the realm of homeopathy, recognizing its potential to offer profound healing where conventional therapies fell short. His dedication to mastering this ancient healing art led him to become the first Certified Veterinary Homeopath in Connecticut. He's a passionate educator, and is committed to advancing holistic veterinary medicine and nurturing a healthier, more balanced world for all beings.

We had a heartwarming conversation with Dr. Jeff, asking him what he thought about animal communication, and how this intersects and overlaps with medical care for animals. He talked to us about what drew him into this topic of the energetic and spiritual worlds of animals. He shares his personal journey with us, and tells us why this way of thinking can be powerful for ourselves and our animals.

Dr. Jeff is one of the founding members of the Human Animal Spiritual Network, a group of veterinary professionals who met at the 2023 International Multispecies Methods Research Symposium. He's also the founder and CEO of Holistic Actions!, a resource hub for people who have companion animals. Their mission is to help our animals livelong, healthy lives by bridging the gap between holistic care and conventional veterinary medicine with
positive, practical actions rooted in nature and energy medicine.

To learn more about Dr. Jeff's work, please visit https://www.holisticactions.com/