A Special Meditation from Dr. Barbara Shor to Help You Communicate with An Animal

Animals & Us - Voices of a New Paradigm

15-10-2023 • 12 mins

Embark on a beautiful journey of connection and understanding as our co-host, Dr. Barbara Shor, leads you through a guided meditation experience. In this special episode, you'll have the opportunity to explore the depths of animal communication as you tap into your intuitive senses and open a channel of communication with the animal world.

Barbara, known for her expertise in the field of animal-human relationships, will be your guide on this journey. Through this meditation, you'll learn to create a sacred space within yourself, inviting the presence of an animal companion who wishes to communicate with you. As you immerse yourself in this meditative journey, you'll experience the profound connection that exists between humans and animals on a spiritual level.

Barbara’s soothing voice and insightful guidance will help you navigate the energy that binds us to the animal kingdom. Whether you've had experience with animal communication or are entirely new to the concept, this episode provides a safe and nurturing environment for exploration.