On a new book about what the elephants have to share with us, and how we can connect with them on a deeper level, with Dr. Barbara Shor

Animals & Us - Voices of a New Paradigm

01-07-2023 • 44 mins

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into the fascinating world of communication with elephants. Our podcast co-host, author and intuitive communicator Barbara Shor, shares the remarkable journey behind her latest book, which is a collaboration with the elephants themselves. After writing her first book, Barbara was approached by the elephants, who urged her to update their story, emphasizing the importance of their message.

Throughout the episode, Barbara explains the purpose of the book from the elephants' perspective. She describes the process of connecting with them and receiving information, highlighting the subtle feeling of love and connection that distinguishes their communication. The book takes on a question-and-answer format, showcasing the profound dialogue between Barbara and the elephants.

Barbara also addresses the doubt and desire for validation she initially experienced while communicating with elephants. She shares how scientific discoveries, such as their ability to detect infrasounds, provided the validation she sought. Additionally, personal experiences and feedback from people and animals she has worked with have reinforced the authenticity of the messages received.

Listeners will be captivated by the depth of wisdom, understanding, and compassion expressed by the elephants. Despite the challenges they face, the elephants exhibit profound care, respect, and hope for humanity. The book explores topics ranging from grief and guilt to the potential for positive change. The elephants emphasize the importance of prayer, intention, and spiritual action, encouraging listeners to recognize their own capacity for telepathic communication.

Toward the end of the episode, Barbara reveals her favorite chapter of the book, "Elephants in the Sky." This chapter recounts a profound personal experience in which she witnessed deceased elephants as spiritual beings of light, shining their love and light onto the Earth. It serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of senseless killing, the spirits of elephants continue to support and uplift our planet.

Listeners will leave this episode with a newfound understanding of telepathic communication, inspired by the elephants' unwavering faith in humanity's potential for positive change. As the episode concludes, we leave you with a powerful quote from the book, urging us all to spread light, love, compassion, peace, joy, and hope to transform our world.

You can find this book in major bookstores and online at Amazon.

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