What is Telepathic Communication? In Conversation with Dr. Barbara Shor and the Elephants

Animals & Us - Voices of a New Paradigm

01-08-2023 • 27 mins

In this episode, we go on a journey to better understand telepathic communication with Dr. Barbara Shor, as she reads a chapter from her new book, "Soul of the Wild: The Wisdom of Elephants."

Barbara guides us beyond conventional understanding, unraveling the profound nature of their connection. As she reads chapter 2, "How Telepathic Communication Works," listeners will be transported into conversations she had with the consciousness of elephants, revealing their unique perspective on this ethereal form of interaction.

The episode uncovers the deep spiritual connection between humans and elephants, exploring how energy and intuition play a pivotal role in telepathic communication. Through their words, Barbara and the elephant consciousness shed light on the hidden realms of consciousness, explaining how thoughts, feelings, and concepts can be conveyed without words.

Listeners will gain insights into the historical context of telepathic communication, how it was once more widely accepted, and how it has been marginalized in modern times. The episode also touches on the potential impact of recognizing animals as conscious beings capable of communication, potentially transforming the way humans perceive and treat them.

If you're curious about the intricate threads that connect humans and animals through the unseen world of energy and communication, this episode offers a profound exploration into a realm that challenges conventional beliefs and expands our understanding of the profound bond we share with other living beings. So tune in, and prepare to be inspired by the wisdom of elephants and the limitless possibilities of telepathic connection.

You can find this book in major bookstores and online at Amazon.

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